Weather dampens spirits

Well what an awful month of weather we have had. Total rainfall for each month this year has been around 250mm and 8 days into March and we are sitting at 181mm already! As you would notice, the course is quite wet under foot at the moment, but still playable. Comps were called off all week due to the conditions however we have had a few of the “it’s only water” members still showing up each morning and enjoying 9 holes. Noel and Tony will be playing catch up on the fairways and surrounds early next week providing we get a sunny day or two in. Due to the drainage of Tees and Greens we are able to mow these areas without causing a lot of damage, but the fairways are another story. Wheel spins on grass do not look very appealing when things dry up! Anyway, sure enough the sun will be shining soon (in a month we will be praying for more rain no doubt) and we will be seeing a few more of you out at Lakeside.