May Update

Hi Folks,

Plenty happening out here at Lakeside lately. Lots of great rounds played and more recently the crowning of our new Seniors Matchplay Champion, George W Taylor. Well done George! As you may have noticed (or maybe not if you hit the green 9/9 times) the bunkers received a well deserved top up recently after rain in Jan – Mar rendered them unplayable for a month or so. Tony and Noel have been hard at it shovelling and they have come up good as new, with a slight hint of grey thrown in. Noel has assured me the 7th (and possibly each green) will be oversewn with Poa Triv at the end of the month which will keep the greens oh so smooth over winter. I’m sure there will be a few that miss our makeshift 7th and all its imperfections (common, there’s gotta be a few of you).

In Restaurant news, The Verandah just finished a bumper Mothers Day with their biggest turn out since opening. They will be looking to open Saturday and Sunday for lunch and breakfast soon, so please watch this space for more info. There’s nothing better than filling a groaning stomach after a 2hr round of golf and for that reason I hope this plan goes ahead.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who comes out and supports our club rain hail and shine. You keep these small clubs going and without you, well, we wouldn’t be here. Bring your friends through, introduce them to the staff and the locals, and enjoy yourselves. That’s what it’s all about!

Till next time.